Why 15 Minutes?

Vintage StopwatchFor some people, happiness is a constant state.  For me, not so much.  I have to work at being happy.  Life has been hard, really hard at times, and this has caused in me an immediate reaction to be pessimistic, fearful, angry, or depressed.  However, as a trained rhetorician and writer (and one who has been in lots and lots of therapy), I know the tools to use to  keep myself focused in a positive direction, even when life throws all kinds of negativity at me.   This blog is an attempt to channel these for myself and for anyone else who might happen along.  “Life’s a journey,” so they say.  So today, I am choosing a destination for my journey.  I am choosing happiness, contentment, peace, and joy.  Come along.  This promises to be an interesting ride.

But 15 minutes.  We can do almost anything for 15 minutes.  We can be happy or we can be miserable.  We can be angry or we can be grateful.  We choose.  We can choose to let circumstances dictate our emotions, or we can choose to be happy despite those circumstances.  Again, we choose.  But 15 minutes.  For 15 minutes a day, I choose to do something that makes me smile, that makes me think, that helps me see the world differently.  This is a blog about those 15 minutes.

[Image of the Vintage Elgin Stopwatch from Flickr user  Joe Haupt and used under the Creative Commons license.]


Quick Disclaimer
My thoughts, beliefs and experiences do not constitute any official medical or therapeutic advice, as I am not a licensed therapist nor am I medical doctor. I do not presume that the activities that make me happy will do so for all other people, for you.  While I am pleased to share my ride–with traffic snarls, road raged drivers, obstacles, detours, and funky weather–with others, those sharing the ride ultimately have their own road to travel, and they will have their own detours and obstacles.